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Statistics capture

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How do you benefit from the stats?

First up we reward your participation and once you have captured your stats you will automatically be amongst those products featured on the website homepage.

Secondly, by being funded through our municipality we are able to market your destination and that sees more bums in your beds.

So why do we put so much effort into collecting these stats?

It simple really. We need the stats to be able to measure if what we are doing is having an effect on the number of feet through your doors. The better you do the more jobs can be created and that’s the bottom line.

We request funding from our municipality and it is their duty to support the sector. We use the stats to be able to demonstrate  just how important a role tourism plays. Its a lot harder to argue against hard and cold facts. 

Are my stats private?

Completely. The stats are aggregated  and the stats are published without reference to any specific business what so ever.